Denali Healthcare Opens Therapeutic Laser Center!

Denali Healthcare is pleased to announce the opening of our Therapeutic Laser Center (TLC)!  We will be offering non-narcotic, non-invasive Pain Management at our Mt. Pleasant office.  Cold (non cutting) lasers are used for a variety of painful conditions, and the service is VERY affordable.

The therapeutic laser uses light therapy to relieve pain and promote healing in a variety of conditions, treatments last around 15 minutes, they are a painless/non-invasive, and very affordable alternative to medication/injection approaches to pain management.  Examples of conditions that therapeutic lasers have treated with success include:

Carpal Tunnel

Rotator Cuff Strain

Tennis Elbow


Arthritis of the Joints

Chronic low back pain

Neck pain

Plantar Fascitis

and many other acute and chronic painful conditions

How the Therapeutic Laser Works:


 The medical community has used therapeutic laser (also called ‘cold lasers’) for more than 50 years.  The principle behind a therapeutic laser is the use of light energy to warm tissue, calm nerve condition of pain stimuli, and activate biologic substances such as cytochrome c and ATP (the basic energy molecule of the body) to promote healing and relieve pain.  They are used extensively in human and veterinarian medicine.

The unit used by Denali Healthcare is a Multi-Radiance MR4 with electro-stimulation.  The emitter heads utilize 660nm (shallow) red, 875nm infrared (medium) and 905nm super-pulsed laser.  The diagnostic head utilizes a static electromagnetic field for tissue evaluation/enhancement and a electro-stimulation system.

The 660nm wavelength works by gently heating the superficial tissues to treat localized swelling, inflammation and to assist with wound healing.  The 875nm frequency works on deeper tissues and affects nerve transmission and pain.  The super-pulsed 905nm laser drives light deep (2-3 inches or more) into the tissue and works by modulating pain signals and improving microcirculation to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

My Personal Struggle with Rotator Cuff Pain

Dr. Robert Townsend

At first I was skeptical, but I allowed a company rep to come to the office after clinic hours to show us what the therapeutic laser would do.  I personally have MRI documented rotator cuff damage in my left shoulder.  I’ve been in constant pain for more than 4 years, could not lift my arm above my head, and could not carry more than 10 pounds with my left arm.  My favorite exercise, pushups, have been impossible for years, much less working out with weights or even carrying a cooler at a picnic.

I’ve been to orthopedic surgeons, who informed me that not only would the surgery be ‘uncomfortable’, I would have to go to physical therapy for months to regain use of my arm.  Due to my travel schedule, I would have had to make arrangements with PT services in at least 4 different cities, getting a hodgepodge of care all over the state. The results would be questionable.  So I allowed the rep to use the laser on my shoulder, expecting little, but having an open mind.

I was not surprised when the therapeutic laser seemed to have no affect other than a ‘warming sensation’ deep in the joint, and a little tingling from the electro-stimulation.  We went on to try it on my sister in law’s carpal tunnel- she is plagued with numbness and occasional pain in her right (dominant) hand.  She had similar results to me, a little tingling and warmth.

Completely unimpressed, we told him we would get back to him later and went home.

Therapeutic Laser

The MR 4 Therapeutic Laser has three head and a power output of 25-50 Watts.

Then something strange occurred…

Several hours after the treatment I noticed my shoulder pain was gone. Having lived with the pain for years, it was a ‘deafening silence’ moment.  I poked it, and moved it around.  Still no pain.

Then, for the first time in years, I raised my arm straight out and reached above my head.  No pain.  NONE.

Thinking there may actually be something to this, I read up on the therapeutic laser and looked at patient reviews.  My experience was not uncommon, thought it generally took 2-4 treatments rather than one.  3 days later my sister in law called me and told me her hand was no longer numb.  To say the least, I was impressed.  I made some phone calls to physicians using the therapeutic laser I found on the internet.  Glowing results from these doctors.

As a result, we are starting a trial of the laser at our Mt. Pleasant office.  Many of our medical marijuana patients complain of chronic pain, and we are going to offer a treatment as an ‘added benefit’ to the certifications.  If they notice improvement, we’ll offer a three session package.  The cost will be very reasonable, less than that of a certification, and from our review of the reports most folks will require a total of 3-12 treatments, with a follow up of 3 treatments every 6 months or so.

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