Professionals take over the Denali Healthcare website

Our new Denali Healthcare website is published and in a shakedown cruise stage. While our is still up and running, this new website reflects our movement as a practice into pain management and addiction therapy. We currently run 8 offices from Kalamazoo to Marquette, along with over 20 outreach clinics and have grown to be the premier regional certification practice in N. Michigan. Now it is time to increase our pain management and narcotic addiction services, increase professional staffing and bring the practice to the next stage of development.

New Features- Check them out!

We’ll be adding content over the next several weeks, including articles, blog entries by myself and other guest authors, each of the offices have their own page with schedules and news (and an associated facebook page). Rather than try to run all this myself, I’m going to concentrate on patient care and turn the website over to professional webmasters so the presentation is as professional as the medical services we provide. The Denali Healthcare website will be professional and on the level of a hospital website. That is what our patients expect and what we want to present to the world.

Please take a few moments to explore the site, then check back every few days to see the updates and new content. We’d like to get your feedback on features you want to see. A couple of differences that should be apparent right off the bat is that we’ve gone from joomla to wordpress, the articles now can have reader comments, and visually the site is less cluttered and easier to navigate.  Overall it will evolve into a very useful tool for the pain, addiction, and medical marijuana community in Michigan. Please explore and suggest ways we can improve it for you.

– Dr. Bob Townsend