New Forum for Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients!

The Michigan Cannabis Patient Forum was started back in 2010 by a group of activists in the UP for the purpose of providing solid information for Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients without the drama and bickering so common with other forums.  It ran for several years and saw many postings by leaders of the Michigan Cannabis Community- but it went away last year.

The forum has been restarted in a slightly different format, but they are hoping to attract the quality of posting that it once was know for, to incorporate members of other closed forums such as 3MG and to attract those that are tired of the behavior common to other sites.  Folks do not want to go to a forum to learn about dirt growing, only to see a couple of strong opinionated individuals bicker back and forth and call each other names because one likes one type of dirt and the other has a different favorite brand.

The Michigan Cannabis Patient Webpage:

Quick Guide to the Site. Unlike other forums that take you directly to the phpBB site, the Michigan Cannabis Patients Forum has an entry page.  Although you can obviously link directly to the index, it is recommended you go to the page.

On the webpage, you will find articles, posts and updates, along with RSS feeds for news.  The menu has a link to a page of ‘Helpful Links’ which is constantly updated and serves as a collection of useful information concerning Michigan Medical Marijuana.  These are news services, activist groups, several caregiver/patient matching services, regional organizations like compassion clubs, and strain guides.

Denali Healthcare maintains this list, but is not associated with the site other than as a contributor (and we supported the launch by notifying our mailing list).

There is also a menu item linking to Michigan Compassion Clubs– a new website devoted to providing web support and resources to all original model compassion clubs.  Clubs needing websites can have them build and web mastered by Michigan Compassion Clubs free of charge.  This site is not quite ready but should be very useful within a month.

But the big link is to the Michigan Cannabis Patients Forum itself.

Forum Structure:

It Consists of a comprehensive forum with 8 Sections- General Rules, Patients Helping Patients, Caregivers and Growers, Compassion Clubs, State Laws and Court Cases, Medical Forum, Legal Forum and General Discussion. These individual sections can be accessed on the sliding photos at the top of the page (the forum is named vertically on the left of the photo) as well as on the forum list on the left side bar. The main forum index is on the menu bar in the middle..

Note, in the Compassion Club Forum, individual compassion clubs will have a sub forum run by one of their own members for their club.  There is also a ‘Guard Channel’ monitored by all clubs for statewide coordination for rallies, court support, and statewide communication.

Finally, there is a policy of One Topic/One Subject.  If the Topic is dirt growing, that is NOT the place to post about hydro- put that in a hydro topic (make one if you wish).  They want focused, on topic discussions useful to new patients looking for an intelligent discussion of a subject of interest to them, not a rambling conversation that degenerates to an on-line flaming session between strong willed individuals.  Those that start a topic should monitor that topic for a month or so to make sure the conversation stays focused.

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