Denali Healthcare is NOT offering Suboxone Therapy at this time

We have helped hundreds of patients since 2007

Our Success Rate is over 80%

Our holistic approach seems to be the right formula

Since we began to reach out to those suffering from narcotic addiction in 2007, we have developed a very successful formula to enable patients to break their addiction and regain control of their lives.  Our approach has several prongs:

  1. The Goal is clearly stated at the onset of the program- you are On Suboxone to GET OFF Suboxone.
  2. We firmly believe people develop narcotic addiction as a coping response to some stress in their lives.  Some turn to alcohol, some compulsively gamble, and some turn to substances such as narcotics.  But ALL do so to relieve a stressor in their lives and make a choice to use these coping mechanisms.
  3. Counseling is ESSENTIAL to identify the stressor, address it, and teach other coping mechanisms during the course of treatment and recovery.
  4. Patients on medication are closely monitored with frequent office visits, MAPS reports and urine drug screens.
  5. Constant firm but gentle pressure is applied in a structured setting to reduce the use of all narcotics including suboxone EACH VISIT.
  6. We understand that with pressure, it is part of the natural course of the illness of addiction to fail if the pressure is too great.  Relapse is not the patients’ fault, it is ours and we need to back up, reduce the pressure and try again.  Patients are not penalized.
  7. We accept help from all corners in our fight with addiction.  We initially became interested in the use of Medical Marijuana to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal we were seeing in our early program.  We continue to embrace it as a useful adjunct, but do not and have never made it a required part of the program.
  8. We have always encouraged our patients to be honest with us.  Relapses are, for the most part, reported by patients rather than something we discover with a random drug screen.  This is the way we want it, our patients are confident they can discuss their progress and problems without being judged.  In the end, it helps us to help them to succeed.
  9. Non-narcotic pain control and medical marijuana certification are available at discounted rates to our Suboxone patients to remove obstacles to access.  We want you legal and comfortable.
  10. We will not be part of the problem.  One of the fastest growing drugs of abuse is subutex (suboxone without the narcan).  By policy, Denali Healthcare will only prescribe subutex for pregnant women.  Do not request an exception to this policy.

The Need is Overwhelming, The Resources are Limited

  • According to this report from the State of Michigan Prescriptions for Schedule II (such as methadone) pain relievers increased nearly 50% from 2003 to 2010
  • Given routine prescribing habits (4 doses of Vicodin per day) the average physician writes more than 10,000 doses of pain killers a month in primary care, there are over 30,000 primary care physicians in Michigan.  The total is a staggering 300-400 MILLION Doses of pain medications state wide per year.
  • There are no Methadone Clinics in Michigan North of Mt. Pleasant.
  • Suboxone Physicians are limited to 30 or 100 patients under treatment depending on their license.  This is the total active patients for all locations the physician sees patients.

How Denali Healthcare is Meeting the Need for Michigan Suboxone

Due to the extremely hostile approach to Suboxone Addiction Programs in the State of Michigan, we have suspended our program temporarily.  We regret the fact we cannot help those struggling with addiction, but our hands are tied until at least 2017.  Contact your Representative in Lansing and ask him/her to sponsor legislation protecting addiction specialists from the harassment of law enforcement and refusal of pharmacies to carry effective and safe addiction treatment medications.

Counseling is REQUIRED of all Suboxone Patients

You can Click Here for a List of Counseling resources in your area

Our Suboxone Program is limited to SIX months, at which time patients must reapply with a firm plan to begin their terminal wean and be off the medication within 2-4 months.  Typically how this works is the patient goes from a starting dose of 8 (up to 12) mg a day to 2mg in the first 6 months and then begins a terminal wean at 2mg a day to nothing in 2-4 months.  Patients unwilling or unable to wean are referred to methadone programs or other treatment options.

While suboxone can be used, and is used by some excellent physicians as replacement therapy long term (years) we at Denali feel that due to the cost of the medication and limits as to the number of patients under treatment that long term replacement therapy patients are better served with methadone.  We also feel it is unfair to take away a slot for suboxone from a patient that wants to wean and get on with their life.  We prefer to wean as many patients off narcotics as we can and therefore must only take those that understand and share that goal.  The need for treatment is just that great in our population.