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Denali Has Had a Setback

Obviously many of you know we have had a setback at Denali.  The state has suspended my license, and our efforts to have that suspension overturned did not prevail.  We have more to go through with the state, but the fact of the matter is that we cannot provide medical services to our patients at this time.

Does this mean we are done?  Not by a long shot.  We have a very well designed practice and our opportunities to use what we have built are endless.   We have received many offers of help and are evaluating them as I write this with an eye toward doing what is best for our patients.

Within every defeat are the seeds of eventual victory, and as such we are not going to shut down Denali Healthcare until such time as we have explored our options.  While we cannot function as a medical practice right now, that does not mean we will not be able to return to our original function shortly.

To all my patients-  I am humbled by the show of loyalty and support you all have shown to my staff, my family and to me.  We have received some 275 heartfelt letters of support, and the common theme has been to tell us we changed your lives.  We helped you improve the quality of your lives, made you comfortable on less medication than you ever took with fewer side effects, and in the cases of our addiction patients saved your lives, families and jobs.  This was our goal.  To make a difference and help people.

We will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping people.  So please keep an eye on the website for announcements in the near future.  We will be moving forward from this, and we hope many of you will walk that path with us.

Dr. Bob Townsend and the Staff of Denali Healthcare of Michigan

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