Misc Websites

Strain Guides, Links to State, Misc Websites of interest to the Michigan Medical Marijuana patient.

Medical Marijuana and Death by Opiate Overdose
This is an interesting a much quoted study from the Journal of the American Medical Association on the rate of Opiate Pain Medication overdoses in Medical Marijuana vs Non-Medical Marijuana states.
Michigan Marijuana Forms
Complete your application for a Michigan Medical Marihuana Form on-line. This produces a typed, correctly filled out application (page 2 of the application packet) which may be printed or securely sent electronically to a participating certification clinic- speeding the process and ensuring accuracy. All data is encrypted, patients have the option of not entering sensitive information (drivers license and caregiver information). Patients must still see a physician for completion of the physician certification.
The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Website
This is the main website from the state for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program. Here you will find forms, laws and statistics from the source.