Suboxone Therapy brings order to the chaos of addiction

Traverse City Medical Suboxone Clinic:

  • Providing Suboxone Evaluations for  Traverse City  since 2007

  • Offering Pain Management and Medical Marijuana Certification at this location.

  • Call TODAY for your Traverse City Suboxone Doctor 231-420-1381

  • Traverse City Suboxone Dr. Robert Townsend (Dr. Bob) is the most trusted name in Traverse City Addiction Therapy

  • Suboxone Therapy in a Regular Medical Office Setting with the physician, not a hotel room 
  • At Denali Healthcare, we accept the use of Medical Marihuana as a useful therapy to deal with the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal

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Prescription Drugs can Take over your Identity

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Download and Print Suboxone Intake Form

You can download and print the intake form by clicking the button below. Please print and fill out prior to coming to your appointment.


While we are a marijuana friendly suboxone clinic, we need to be sure your certification will stand up in court if questioned.

Unless you certified with us we will need to see your certification documents (and may require you to re-certify with a ‘high standards’ clinic at our discretion depending on where you got your last evaluation).  We are familiar with most certification practices in the state and know the difference between a high standard clinic, and one that does not meet our requirements.  We accept all high standard clinic certifications.  We are willing to re-certify the rest at a reduced rate.

Methadone Vs Suboxone:

Suboxone Addiction Therapy differs from Methadone replacement therapy in several key ways:

  • Methadone is primarily replacement therapy, it is used INSTEAD of another narcotic, with a secondary goal of weaning.
  • Suboxone is primarily used in WEANING patients off narcotics.  While it can be used as replacement, there are cheaper alternatives.
  • The nearest Methadone Center to Traverse City is in Mt. Pleasant, Suboxone can be offed in the office setting in Traverse City.
  • Methadone Clinics require DAILY visits, with suboxone visits are monthly to weekly at most.

Suboxone Therapy in Traverse City:

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Denali Healthcare uses Suboxone for narcotic addiction

  1. Denali Healthcare Traverse City offers Suboxone Addiction Therapy in a Medical Office Setting.
  2. Weaning therapy with Suboxone offers a viable alternative to Methadone therapy.
  3. The Goal of Suboxone Therapy is to end your addiction to narcotics, not merely switch from one narcotic to another.
  4. Our goal is to help you succeed in your battle with addiction and we use all therapies available to assist in your struggle with addiction.
  5. We work with local counselors to explore and treat the cause of your addictions.
  6. Frequent follow up in the Traverse City office is available.
  7. Medical Marihuana Certification and Non-narcotic pain management can be offered, if needed, right in the Traverse City Medical Office.

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