Should I go to Lansing to Represent the 97th District?

I’ve been an advocate for patients for many years.  I voted for the MMMA in 2008, never planning to have anything to do with the program, but with the desire to give patients that option if it eased their suffering.  This evolved to Denali Healthcare, a medical practice devoted to easing the suffering of patients, incorporating traditional and non-traditional approaches to pain management.  Obviously, we have encountered pushback from the state on this approach.  I believe having a working physician familiar with the field Lansing would help.

Running for the seat as the Democratic Candidate in the 97th District (Osceola, Clare, Gladwin and Arenac Co.) is quite a challenge.  It will be a lot of work and if successful will be a tremendous responsibility and demand on my already limited time.  My family is very much behind me, and my staff is up to the challenge.  I am seriously considering the run, if there is support to send me to Lansing on a platform of Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, the Michigan Economy, and Education.

97th District

97th District Michigan House of Representative

The Campaign for the 97th District

The 97th District is very large, parts of 4 entire counties and nearly 90,000 residents.  To succeed in this Campaign, I need to get my message of Healthcare, Justice Reform, the Michigan Economy and Education out to the voters.  They tell me it can cost a lot of money to do this, but I think we can do it together.  The focus should be on what we do AS a Representative for the District rather than focus on GETTING ELECTED.  But obviously before we can do good things, we need to get there.

So to do this, I need your help with the campaign.  I need some people that believe in our message of Healthcare, Justice Reform, the Michigan Economy, and Education out there before the voters.  

There are General things we all can do to help.  Have a look at the webpage for the campaign- and look at the Support the Campaign tab on the top menu. In the next few days, you will be able like our Dr. Bob Townsend for 97th District Facebook page (every like helps).  We are also working on some Campaign Flyers that you can print off at home and post in your local laundromat, gas station, workplace and community center.  By doing these things, you can rightly know you were a part of this campaign, and a much appreciated part.

Local Leaders Needed!

Specifically I need someone in Osceola, Clare, Gladwin and Arenac County to act as a local contact and campaign  organizer- We can’t pay right now, but if some of the things I want to do strike a note with you, please contact me via messenger so we can talk.  The ideal person should be active locally and support people and their rights. Being known on the internet is a help- blogs and postings about local problems and a history of offering or supporting positive solutions is a plus. They should be able to help advise me of local concerns to help me address them.
Each county contact would work directly with me as we knock on doors, introduce me to local leaders and community activiststs, and of course help me get the voters out on election day. A little help with fund raising would be appreciated as well.  I am not a poor person, but I am not wealthy.  I can’t spend my way into this office (something we see too often in those seeking public office)- I need the support of the people in the communities I may have the honor of Representing.

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