Denali Healthcare Saginaw Pain Management

Our Denali Healthcare Saginaw Pain Management office is located at 2137 Warwick between Rascals and Grow Mart.  We have been in Saginaw since 2010 and have offered pain management services at this location since 2011.

Our Approach to Pain Management is Goal Oriented-

Too often we hear of patients in chronic pain forced to choose between their marijuana card and their pain medication.  We believe in giving patients OPTIONS in their chronic pain management, not forcing them to make choices.

Denali Healthcare Saginaw Pain Management is set up to specifically to manage the symptom of chronic pain with medication (we don’t do injections, surgery, or diagnose/treat the source of your pain).

Patients MUST have a Primary Care Doctor to handle their routine medical care, diagnosis and treatment, we manage the symptoms of your chronic pain.

  • We tend to use Methadone for Long Term Pain Management due to cost and side effect profile
  • We use NSAIDs in combination with Narcotic Pain control to make the Narcotics work better
  • We use limited numbers of short acting narcotics for breakthrough pain only.

The cost of the program is reasonable, $300 for the first visit (which includes setting up your chart, running your MAPS report, and doing the initial drug screen in addition to the visit with the physician or nurse).  Follow up visits are $125 a month, and additional drug screens are $60.  While we can do a screen every visit, we are aware of the cost and do them as indicated and periodically to avoid an extra  financial burden for the patient.

Our Rational Pain Management Approach…

The Denali Healthcare of Saginaw Pain Management  combines baseline pain control with scheduled medication and a flexible response to the peaks of breakthrough pain with ‘as needed’ medication. The lowest effective dose of medication is used for each segment of our strategy to control chronic pain.

A scheduled medication is one that is prescribed to be taken a certain number of times a day.

We use scheduled medications as a long acting narcotic combined with a Motrin like medication to make the narcotic work better. This is taken on a schedule, every day, to provide a baseline pain control. This baseline pain control is key to overall improvement in your quality of life- it is the cornerstone of ‘rational pain management’.

Ideally, this will reduce a patient’s average pain by about 50% and will be adjusted until a 50% reduction is achieved.

An ‘as needed’ medication is generally a short acting narcotic that is used when a flare of pain occurs. We generally give these pain medications with the direction to take ‘every 6 hours as needed.’ This patient directed self medication in response to acute on chronic pain is the flexibility a patient needs to go with the baseline pain control of the scheduled medications. Together they form the concept of rational chronic pain management.

That means that if needed, you take one. You may need to take a second dose 6 hours later, but it does not mean you take 4 tabs a day, every day.

When giving an ‘as needed’ medication you can take every 6 hours, we generally give 30 or 60 to last the month. If that isn’t enough, you don’t have enough baseline pain control with your scheduled medicines, and we will increase those at your next visit rather than give early refills of your short acting ‘as needed’ medications.

Methadone for Pain Management – Denali Healthcare MI Dr. Townsend uses methadone for pain management due to low cost and a good side effect profile. Explore the reasoning here.


The Denali Way- a Goal Oriented Approach

Our approach to pain and suffering is designed to return the patient to function and quality of life.

What good is medicating a patient to make them ‘pain free’ when they can no longer stay awake to do the things that make life worth living? Our goal is to bring chronic pain under control to the point the patient can function, to be an active participant in their lives. To do this we employ every tool available, both traditional and non-traditional, with a goal to reduce their baseline pain by 50%.  We don’t require you to choose between therapies that are working, each in their own way.  Denali Healthcare is a marijuana friendly pain management clinic.

Denali Healthcare Saginaw

2137 Warwick, Saginaw

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