Michigan law allows for provisioning centers to allow medical marijuana patients to obtain cannabis whether they elected to ‘grow for themselves’ or have a caregiver provide them with their medicine.

The recreational marijuana law does not allow recreational patients to obtain cannabis from medical provisioning centers. A special license will be needed to provide cannabis to recreational users. Rules governing these recreational licenses will be written not later than December 2019, and hopefully we will have recreational dispensaries some time after that.

The state will process all license applications in the order they are received, and they have approximately 20% of the current medical license requests addressed and are working on more at the rate of 15-20 per month. Clicking on the photo of dispensaries on the main page of our website will bring you to the state’s list of current approved applications, which is updated on a daily basis. You can also click on this link… List of Approved Licenses

When available, recreational marijuana will be taxed at a higher rate than medical cannabis- an additional 10% of the purchase price on top of the 6% base tax rate.

In the Meantime

Until recreational cannabis applications are processed and approved, recreational marijuana uses may grow up to 12 plants. There is a provision to allow recreational users to share a small amount of cannabis without compensation.

Of note, unlike medical marijuana, the courts have not addressed any aspect of the recreational marijuana law as of yet. Like medical marijuana, many individuals have given their own interpretation of the law, only to have the misfortune to have a judge hold a different view of the law.