Patient Follow Up is Easy at Denali Healthcare!

Follow up on line

Follow up with Denali Healthcare On-Line

Use this form to update your records with Denali Healthcare and do your follow up with Dr. Townsend on line.  Your demographics will be updated and this form scanned into your chart to be used as follow up.  You will get a time stamped email from us confirming you had a follow up, please print it and keep with your certification documents.  We recommend you stop by every 3 months to update your condition with us.

In addition to updating your chart, we will set you up for a reminder call when your registration is due for renewal and sign you up for our newsletter to keep you posted on current court cases, changes in the law, and our article feed.  We also have monthly guest blogs by attorneys on subjects related to medical marijuana- much better than forum postings by enthusiastic but non-lawyer advocates.

In addition to the review by Dr. Townsend, this form will be used for research purposes to document the use of Medical Marijuana in Michigan.  Questions we can answer with this research:

  1. Average Age/Sex of Michigan Cannabis Patients
  2. True distribution of conditions- the state only picks one condition per application, a patient with cancer and nausea may be coded as nausea only.  Will will code ALL reported conditions.
  3. Distribution of Medical Cannabis Patients in Michigan.

Note: that all identifying data is removed from the research data.