Live Michigan Medical Marijuana Statistics

This is a link to the Statistics Page of Michigan Medical Marijuana Forms and is the only live source of independent statistics for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program.

Source of data:  More than 5000 individual Michigan Marihuana Patients are in the database and recorded by age, conditions and zip code.

Age Ranges and distributions are noted on the pie charts.  As the starting point of the pie graph is at the 3 o’clock position on the far right of the circle, the average age group is at the 9 o’clock position on the far left.

Raw percentages are noted by first bar graph, the reported state values for each condition are directly compared to the values in our database.

Normalized values make the state values 100% and our values as a percentage of the state’s numbers. For example if PTSD is a qualifying condition for 3% of patients as reported by the state, yet in our database there are 4.5% qualified for PTSD, the state value will be 100% and the MMF will be 150%.  This is useful to see if certain conditions are under or over reported by the state compared to our patients.

Age Distribution by condition is simply that, if you want to see the age distribution for chronic pain, just click the box.  You can compare the age range of up to 3 conditions side by side.

This database is updated daily and is a useful check and balance for the state reported statistics.  For example, PTSD appears to be more prevalent in our database compared to that of the state.