In the state of Michigan, there are reforms that are taking place at the city and local level that are providing an idea of the changes that may occur in the future. According to the TC Times(1), several cities in Michigan have made changes to the laws that allow individuals to possess small amounts of marijuana.

Although the current laws primarily relate to the medical use of marijuana for pain or specific chronic conditions, the cities that have made changes are allowing individuals to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, says the TC Times(1). The local reforms may result in changes that occur in other areas throughout the state.

Current Laws

The current state laws do not allow individuals to use marijuana for recreational purposes. NBC News(2) explains that there are reforms that are making large changes to the use of marijuana and Michigan is one of the states that is showing signs of state-wide reforms that may occur in the future.

Currently, individuals can use marijuana in Michigan for medical purposes. If a medical professional or caregiver determines that marijuana is appropriate as part of a treatment for a qualifying condition, individuals may be able to obtain a medical marijuana card.

While medical marijuana is legal in the state, most areas of the state do not allow individuals to use or possess marijuana for recreational purposes. Metro Times(3) explains that there are changes and reforms that are taking place throughout the state and in different urban areas, but the reforms have not yet moved to the state level.

Decriminalizing Marijuana in Cities


The light of decriminalization is shining.

In Michigan, there are laws that are providing changes and reforms to the current state standards and move to decriminalize marijuana. The Huffington Post(4) states that some cities are passing laws to allow the use of marijuana on private property as long as the individual is over 21 years old and possesses one ounce or less of the substance.

Roughly 61 to 69 percent of voters in the cities that have passed laws to decriminalize marijuana use have supported the changes, says the Huffington Post(4).

Although the city laws are showing a change in a positive direction, the state has not yet decriminalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. There are cities that are resisting reforms or that have had new bills expire before it reaches the voters.

Changes for the Future

Marijuana reform is occurring regularly throughout the state of Michigan as new concerns develop. It is likely that there will be changes on the state level, but the legislation is still pending. The TC Times(1) explains that the state is still deciding whether to decriminalize marijuana use and possession or if the reforms will relate to the penalties.

The state is considering the possibility of reducing marijuana charges if an individual possesses a small amount of the substance, so the exact changes that may occur in the future will depend on the legislation that passes.

States throughout the nation are making changes to the marijuana laws that exist on the state level. Although the state of Michigan does allow residents to use marijuana for medical purposes, it has not yet decriminalized marijuana. Due to the changes that are occurring on a local and city-wide level, it is likely that the state will decriminalize marijuana or reduce the penalties that are associated with recreational use of marijuana among adults.



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