Our Chronic Pain Strategy Is Better Than This

chronic pain medications are over used

Our experience with chronic pain patients has shown us that most are over medicated with short acting narcotics. Too often, a prescription is the way to end the office encounter, and a urine drug screen is used to dismiss rather than treat the patients. At Denali Healthcare, we are goal driven to return you to good function by monitoring your intake of pain medications and creating a schedule that works specifically for you.

Traditional pain medications, long and short acting, have their place in our overall strategy to ease your suffering and improve the quality of your life. At Denali Healthcare, we would rather manage medications for our chronic pain patients than fill your kitchen tables with them.

Minimizing Costs To The Patient

At Denali Healthcare we promote cost effective pain medications. While many physicians do not know the cost of the medications they write, we do because someone has to pay for them. In many cases that is the patient. Our approach is to make our treatments both efficient and affordable, and our office visits are FAR less expensive than going to the ER. As a side bonus, you get to see your doctor, who is familiar with your case, rather than whoever is on duty.


As an independent medical practice, our solid medical judgment is not hampered by the outside interference of a hospital board or insurance company. Our goal is approach your pain with every means available, without interference, and without judging your choices. We  believe that patients should never have to choose between any treatments that are working, each in their own way.

Our use of traditional medicines in the treatment of chronic pain is rational & conservative.


Our Rational Pain Management Approach…

The Denali Way of Rational Pain Management is to combine baseline pain control with scheduled medication and a flexible response to the peaks of breakthrough pain with ‘as needed’ medication. The lowest effective dose of medication is used for each segment of the strategy.

A scheduled medication is one that is prescribed to be taken a certain number of times a day.

We use scheduled medications as a long acting narcotic combined with a Motrin like medication to make the narcotic work better. This is taken on a schedule, every day, to provide a baseline pain control. This baseline pain control is key to overall improvement in your quality of life- it is the cornerstone of ‘rational pain management’.

Ideally, this will reduce a patient’s average pain by about 50% and will be adjusted until a 50% reduction is achieved.

If you are to take a scheduled medication 3 times a day, a month’s supply is 90 tablets.

An ‘as needed’ medication is generally a short acting narcotic that is used when a flare of pain occurs. We generally give these pain medications with the direction to take ‘every 6 hours as needed.’ This patient directed self medication in response to acute on chronic pain is the flexibility a patient needs to go with the baseline pain control of the scheduled medications. Together they form the concept of rational pain management.

That means that if needed, you take one. You may need to take a second dose 6 hours later, but it does not mean you take 4 tabs a day, every day.

When giving an ‘as needed’ medication you can take every 6 hours, we generally give 30 or 60 to last the month. If that isn’t enough, you don’t have enough baseline pain control with your scheduled medicines, and we will increase those at your next visit rather than give early refills of your short acting ‘as needed’ medications.

FAQ Methadone and Pain Management