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Follow up with the Doctor is essential for the bonafide doctor-patient relationship and section 8 defense. You can follow up on your certification appointment by updating your record online here.

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Denali Healthcare Saginaw

Denali Healthcare Saginaw offers marijuana friendly pain management services, addiction therapy and medical marijuana certifications that are fully compliant with the new bonafide doctor/patient relationship requirements of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Dr. Townsend has assisted patients in the Saginaw area for over 3 years with professional, defensible certifications in a medical office setting.

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Denali Healthcare Saginaw
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Services Offered at Denali Healthcare Saginaw:

  • Marijuana Friendly Pain Management
    We don’t diagnose your pain or treat the cause of your pain. We manage your pain using traditional pain medications and medical marijuana.
  • Suboxone Therapy for Narcotic AddictionWe offer Suboxone Therapy in an out-patient addiction program for those who wish to end their dependency while minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal and detox.
  • Medical Marijuana CertificationGet your Medical Marijuana Certification with a bonafide Dr/Pt relationship as defined by PA 512 of 2012
  • Alternative and Ancillary ServicesWe have close relationships with Muskegon area businesses offering a variety of services to our patients, including massage therapy, counseling, low-cost primary care, and more.

Denali Healthcare offers a Saginaw Alternative Solution to Traditional Pain Management