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Alternative Solution to Pain Management offered by Denali Healthcare Gaylord

Denali Healthcare of Gaylord, MI offers  medical marijuana certifications that are fully compliant with the new bonafide doctor/patient relationship requirements of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Dr. Robert Townsend has been helping patients in Gaylord and throughout Michigan for over 4 years with professional, defensible certifications in a medical office setting. He has consulted for the Michigan Legislature as an expert on the bonafide doctor/patient relationships and standards of care for medical marijuana evaluations, and works with numerous government and advocacy groups.

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Are you ready to look for a more Holistic Approach to your Pain?

Try the Denali Healthcare Way!

Denali Healthcare is an integrated healthcare network dedicated to a Holistic Approach to chronic pain, control of the overuse of narcotic medications, and alternative medicine. It was developed by Dr. Bob Townsend, in response to the ineffective use of high dose narcotic pain medications. The key point of the ‘Denali Way’ is to attack pain with fresh eyes and without personal bias. The results are what drive us, and we work hard to achieve those results. To improve your quality of life with and pain management, come to Denali Healthcare. We have convenient locations throughout Michigan.

The ‘Denali Way’ begins with answering your questions:

‘What can I expect pain management medication to do?’
‘Why did I become dependent on narcotic pain medication?’
‘Why can’t I talk to my doctor about an alternative solution to traditional pain medication?’
Yours are questions that deserve answers and we are here to help our patients get those answers. Reasonable expectations, understanding of how and why things happen the way they do, and a willingness to work with us are the keys to a better Quality of Life the Denali Way.

Gaylord Medical Marijuana Certification:

At Denali Healthcare, PLLC, we provide professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications for Michigan patients that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Our evaluations are fully compliant with the bonafide doctor/patient relationship amendment the the MMMA. We were, in fact, among the experts consulted by the Michigan Legislature to help define what a bonafide doctor/patient relationship was as that act was being written.

Sleazy Certification

Will your Certification Stand Up?

Will Your Medical Marijuana Certification Stand Up in Court?

We take care to ensure our practices keep up with changing medical marijuana laws. Would your current certification hold up in court? Find out here.

Low standard medical marijuana certification clinics may result in a card, but the card will not stand up in court. Learn how we can help today.

We require medical records, meet with patients and provide free follow up, and always have, even before it was required. Every time the matter has been questioned in court, our relationship with our patients was determined to meet the standards, and we have never had a certification overturned.

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Gaylord Medical Marijuana

Gaylord Medical Marijuana Card:  Call 989-448-2700
Denali Healthcare offers evaluations for Michigan Medical Marijuana Cards under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws. Denali Healthcare requires medical records to support your qualifying complaint and offers free on line and in offece follow up for the entire 2 years of your Michigan Medical Marihuana Certification Call 989-448-2700 for details.

Holistic Health:

Holistic Health is best defined as an approach to medicine that treats the entire person, not a particular organ system. In chronic pain management, for example, we deal with chronic pain. Chronic pain has a cause, it has a character (dull, burning, tearing), it has a modality- never pain vs mechanical pain. Each in turn needs to be addressed.

But what is the difference between pain and suffering? Pain is the result of the disease process itself, the damaged disk or the compressed sciatic nerve. It can be acute, chronic or more commonly chronic with flares of acute pain. Suffering involves the response of the patient to the pain. Constant pain in a young person, one that reasonably expects to be active and pain free, is very depressing. Their activities are limited more than their peers, and emotionally they suffer. There is a psychological aspect to their pain, we refer to that as suffering.


Denali Healthcare offers a Gaylord Alternative Solution to Traditional Pain Management

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