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  • Outreach Clinics for Medical Marijuana Certification in Oscoda and Houghton Lake, Michigan (statewide discount clinic)
  • Certifications in a Regular Medical Office Setting with the physician, not a hotel room or a skype visit.  Outreach clinics are backed by their local office.
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From the Gaylord Herald:

Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 10:24 am | Updated: 9:19 am, Fri Jan 17, 2014.

By Ann Rowland Special to the Herald Times

GAYLORD — Statistically, one out of every five adults who seeks medical treatment does so because of chronic pain.  Joint pain, arthritis, prescription drug addiction, lingering pain from auto or jobsite accidents or cancer, chronic pain can debilitate people physically while exhausting them mentally and emotionally.

Denali Healthcare of Gaylord, located at 114 S. Center Ave., Suite 103, is the newest of eight offices dedicated to delivering the best care possible to people suffering from chronic pain or addiction.  Dr. Bob Townsend believes that narcotic pain medications are used too freely and offers alternatives while working with his patients’ primary caregivers.  “We do not diagnose or treat disease at Denali; we act as a resource for pain management,” he said. “We manage symptoms to improve the quality of life for all forms of chronic pain. We use every tool available, including medical marijuana, to get the job done. Whatever it takes.”

He emphasized that while Denali is a doctor’s office that can legally certify patients for medical marijuana use, and that Denali certification will stand in court, patients are required to have a primary care physician and to produce documentation of ongoing care.  Townsend has appeared on behalf of his patients in court as an expert in internal medicine,pharmacology, toxicology and the “bonafide doctor-patient relationship” bill, in which he was personally involved with.

The bill sets standards for medical marijuana certification in the state of Michigan.  He stressed that mail-order medical marijuana certifications, as well as “stand in line, we will sign” schemes presented in hotels and other non-medical office settings, and any certification via Skype, are illegal.  “Those certifications will not stand up in court. They are not OK. And they are not us,” Townsend said.  In fact, in the recent COA decision in the Goodwin Case, a well qualified patient was denied a Section 8 defense because he went to a clinic that did not follow the ‘bonafide dr/pt relationship’.  He is concerned that skype and hotel certifications at other locations in Gaylord could put local patients in the same boat as Goodwin.

Denali Healthcare also works with people with addictions to help them control their pain and beat narcotic addiction with as few withdrawal side effects as possible, using Suboxone therapy combined with counseling services and, if needed, alternative medications.  “We will have a massage therapist on staff soon, and offer acupuncture in some locations,” Townsend added.

“What people need to understand is that if a medicine takes the pain away completely, they are probably using too much. Pain management is not the same as pain free. Our goal is to help people with chronic pain find their functional level. We believe in giving people choices from all of the available treatments.”  “Our goal,” he said, “is to use lower dosages of medications that work together to give better results to individual patients, while minimizing sedation and side effects.”

A physician for more than 20 years, Townsend opened the Gaylord office on Nov. 1, 2013. Each of the eight offices has at least one “outreach clinic” to allow patients more convenience.  “They are all connected, so if, for example, a patient from Gaylord is in Kalamazoo and needs a assistance, the records are available, and help is at hand,” Townsend noted.

Learn more by logging on to Denali Healthcare, or by calling Dr. Bob Townsend at 989-448-2700. Denali Healthcare is also on Facebook, Denali Healthcare Gaylord.

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Follow up with the Doctor is essential for the bonafide doctor-patient relationship and section 8 defense. You can follow up on your certification appointment by updating your record online here.

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