Gaylord Alternative Solution/Approach to Pain Management

Denali Healthcare is built on the idea that the goal of pain management is to return the patient to a level of function that allows them to perform ‘normal’ activities with a minimum of impairment due to pain. We do not attempt to completely extinguish pain, that may not be possible, but to reduce it by 50%. This is a reasonable and obtainable goal of pain management.

We adopt an alternative solution to traditional pain management in Gaylord, combining standard pain medications (both narcotic and non-narcotic) with medical marijuana, counseling, and an approach designed to control pain with a minimal amount of medication. We find that if a patient desires to use medical marijuana as part of their pain management, we can achieve a good level of control with 25-50% of the narcotics needed when used exclusively to control the pain.

Gaylord Alternative Solution/Medical Marijuana

Denali Healthcare is a leading, high standard, Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Clinic. Dr. Townsend helped advise on the bonafide dr/pt relationship law which set the standard for Medical Marijuana Certifications in Michigan. Dr. Townsend is also a court recognized expert on medical marijuana and the bonafide dr/pt relationship. A Denali Medical Marijuana Certification has never been overturned in court, and in fact have supported several section 8 defenses mounted on behalf of our patients.

Denali Healthcare offers a Gaylord alternative solution to mail order or Skype certifications, offering professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications. All certification visits are face to face with he physician, require records, and include free follow up every three months (both in person and on line). We can back our medical marijuana certifications in court.