Dr. Bob Townsend

Dr. Robert Townsend and the former office dog Lexi at the Cadillac Office location

Meet Dr. Robert Townsend

Dr. Robert Townsend is from Gobles, Michigan and is a graduate of Michigan State University. While in undergraduate at Michigan State, he worked full time as a paramedic in Lansing, MI and was an active member of the Army Reserve as an E-4 combat medic. He was commissioned in the Army Reserve Medical Service Corp upon graduation through the ROTC program at Michigan State University.  He then went on to Medical School at Nova/Southeastern University in Miami Florida, obtaining his Doctor of Osteopathy.

Traditional Medical Background

He had a traditional osteopathic internship (during which time he took part in Medical Relief after Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, FL), he then went on to complete an Internal Medicine Residency in Columbus, OH. Following his training, he was in private practice as a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician in the Carolinas (you can still pick up a hint of a Southern Accent), before returning to Michigan in 2005. He continued to practice Internal Medicine in Michigan and Alaska (where he learned to fly) until 2010, when he founded Denali Healthcare.

Dr. Robert Townsend; Active in the MMMA Movement

Dr. Townsend is active in the medical marijuana community in Michigan on both the local and state level, and writes extensively on subjects related to medical marijuana, pain management, and narcotic addiction therapy. He was a long standing member of Cannabis Patients United, a organization that is active politically on the state level protecting the intent and implementation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

During his time with CPU he was extensively involved with the drafting of the Bona Fide Dr/Pt Relationship Act which set the standards for medical marijuana certifications.  He designed and developed ‘Michigan Marijuana Forms’ which was the first comprehensive electronic medical record software for medical marijuana certifications.  Michigan Marijuana Forms has a publicly accessible database of statistics on the demographics, condition and age spreads of medical marijuana patients in Michigan.

Dr. Robert Townsend and Addiction Therapy (we are not currently offering addiction services)

Dr. Townsend has a been a Michigan Suboxone Physician since 2007 and has treated hundreds of patients struggling with narcotic addiction and prefers the taper rather than maintenance therapy.

His motto is that you are ‘on suboxone to get off suboxone’. Typically, patients are started on 1 strip (8mg) a day in divided doses.  Every 2-3 months, this is reduced by 2mg and the patients are weaned off in 8-12 months.  It is rare to see patients still taking suboxone for more than a year.  At some time in the future we will restart our narcotic addiction therapy and expand to alcoholism and other addictive disorders. Check back for further details.

He is actively seeking Board Certification in Addiction Medicine, and is a sought after expert witness on a variety of subjects in legal cases.

Pain Management with Dr. Robert Townsend- The Denali Way

We are currently offering NON-NARCOTIC BASED pain management treatment with medical marijuana and cold laser therapy.  We are not offering narcotic based pain management at this time, but check back.

Dr. Bob Townsend has never been a fan of narcotic pain medications and feels the vast majority of patients are overmedicated with short acting narcotic pain medications. According to a recent study, more than 108 narcotic pain medications prescriptions are written for every 100 Michigan Residents.  This is one of the highest rates in the country.

Dr. Townsend’s philosophy of ‘Ration Pain Management‘ emphasizes combination therapy- Combining narcotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for baseline pain control, with very limited numbers of short acting narcotics for breakthrough pain.  Use of medical marijuana is allowed and used as a adjunctive therapy to reduce the amount of narcotics needed.  Using this strategy with a goal of reducing pain by 50% from baseline results in considerably reduced use of narcotics.

Personal Interests

His personal interests include backgammon, hunting and flyfishing, web design, and he is an instrument rated single engine pilot who has landed at more than 150 of the 250 or so airports in Michigan.  He is married to Lori and has 6 children.  The Townsends live in Clare, Michigan and are active in school sports.