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With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana many of our patients have questions on the future of medical marijuana. We are developing this new front page to help answer those questions.

Difference between Recreational and Medical Marijuana

Michigan voters approved recreational marijuana in November, 2018. The law took effect in December, 2018. LARA is required to release the application rules for recreational sales in December 2019, and recreational customers should be able to purchase marijuana sometime in 2020.

When the voters passed recreation marijuana last fall many wondered how it would differ from the medical marijuana program in Michigan. There are some very important differences. For example, there are very strong protections for medical marijuana patients- Section 4 and Section 8. Both are not available for recreational users. There will also be differences in the availability of marijuana and the tax rate each is charged in retail sales.

We have 10 years of court cases concerning many aspects of the medical marijuana program. This, combined with the BonaFide Dr/Pt Relationship and our new Provisioning Centers mean medical marijuana is very settled.

Recreational marijuana does not have this history with the court. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act supersedes the ‘Driving Under the Influence’ Laws, giving medical patients additional protections from prosecution. Recreational users do not yet have these protections and will be subject to to the more stringent rules of the motor vehicle code.

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