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Denali Healthcare Houghton Lake is an outreach clinic of Denali Healthcare Gaylord.  We have been serving the Houghton Lake area since 2010 and this clinic is our Statewide Discount Clinic.

Professional, defensible medical marijuana certification

At Denali Healthcare, PLLC, we provide professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications for Michigan patients that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Our evaluations are fully compliant with the bonafide doctor/patient relationship amendment the the MMMA. We were, in fact, among the experts consulted by the Michigan Legislature to help define what a bonafide doctor/patient relationship was as that act was being written.

We require medical records, meet with patients and provide free follow up, and always have, even before it was required. Every time the matter has been questioned in court, our relationship with our patients was determined to meet the standards, and we have never had a certification overturned.

We take care to ensure our practices keep up with changing medical marijuana laws. Would your current certification hold up in court? Find out here.

You can download and print the intake form by clicking the button below. Please print and fill out prior to coming to your appointment.

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Patient Follow-Up

Follow up with the Doctor is essential for the bonafide doctor-patient relationship and section 8 defense. You can follow up on your certification appointment by updating your record online here.

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

Michigan Cannabis Patients – A Source for Information about the MMMAMichigan Cannabis Patients | A Source for Information about the MMMA  This is a forum for patients, caregivers and professionals to meet and interact on issues related to the MMMA.This is a good site to have a question answered, learn about new court rulings and laws, and in general be an informed and active member of the medical marijuana community.
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Michigan Compassion Club

MICHIGAN COMPASSION CLUBS – Medical Marijuana | Caregivers | Patients | Medical Forum | Business Directory  This is a good site to learn about compassion clubs in your area.  If you are a member of a compassion club, they can help you develop a web site, write your bylaws, raise funds and connect with other clubs.  It is a free service for clubs, at most they only pay for the web hosting.