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Driving with Cannabis

There are differences between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana when it comes to driving. While the MMMA states specifically it supersedes conflicting state law, that is not part of the recreational marijuana law.

People v Koon general description: “The MMMA does not define what it […]

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Where can I obtain Recreational Marijuana?

Michigan law allows for provisioning centers to allow medical marijuana patients to obtain cannabis whether they elected to ‘grow for themselves’ or have a caregiver provide them with their medicine.

The recreational marijuana law does not allow recreational patients to obtain cannabis from medical provisioning centers. A special license […]

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Chloe and the Opioid Epidemic

The news has been filled lately with the severity of the “Opioid Epidemic” and every day we see patients new to medical marijuana.  The common phrase is ‘My doctor has had me on Norco for years, and he/she cut me off completely last visit’ followed closely by ‘you are […]

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State Issues New Jury Instructions for Section 8

The State has issued new jury instructions for the Section 8 Defense.  This is what the judge tells the jury they MUST use as the standard when assessing a Section 8 Defense.
Michigan Jury Instructions for Section 8 Defense
Denali Healthcare developed procedures to cover all these requirements, but it does […]

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Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative

State Approves Petitions
We have all heard the news, the state has approved the petitions and the Marijuana Legalization Initiative may be on the ballot this fall.  There are three possible courses of action the state can take now.

First, don’t do anything and let the voters vote in November.  In […]

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LARA Audits MMJ Doctors

Audit Says Doctor Sees 11,800 Patients a Year- Waiting Rooms Still Full
LARA has just released the results of an audit of medical marijuana certification doctors.  As always, they are making a big play that less that 25 doctors have seen some 56% of all certification patients in Michigan and one […]

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Provisioning Centers

Senate Passes Key Bills
After more than a year in limbo, the Michigan Senate has acted on a series of bills first passed by the House regulating Provisioning Centers and Medibles.  While not perfect, Michigan for the first time will have legal framework for Dispensaries.  Many in the medical marijuana […]

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Denali Policy Change for Hospice Patients

Denali Healthcare Reduces Rates for Hospice
Effective immediately Denali Healthcare is reducing the cost of certification for all patients actively on Hospice to $100.
To qualify for the Hospice Discount patient need to bring their medical records and PROOF OF CURRENT HOSPICE CARE.
Denali Healthcare and Dr. Robert Townsend are initiating this […]

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Dr. Bob is BACK!!!

Dr. Bob Returning June 17th!
As many of you know, Dr. Bob Townsend has been away for a few months resolving an issue with the state. We are pleased to announce that he will be returning to full time practice on June 17th and will be personally seeing patients again. […]

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Cost of the War on Drugs

The Cost of the War on Drugs in the 97th District
Posted on April 15, 2016 by Robert Townsend
War on Drugs Figures Released
The Michigan State Police have released arrest statistics, county by county, for 2014. Specifically, we are going to look at the numbers for marijuana. While we imagine the […]

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