Denali Healthcare is Serving Michigan with an Alternative Solution to Pain Management, Suboxone Treatments, Medical Marijuana

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“Are you ready to look for an alternative solution to your pain the Denali Healthcare Way?”

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The orchid symbolizes the beauty of the cannabis plant and the usable flowers and leaves

Denali Healthcare is an integrated healthcare network dedicated to the alternative solutions to chronic pain, control of the overuse of narcotic medications, and alternative medicine. It was developed by Dr. Bob Townsend, as an alternative pain management approach to pain and suffering. The key point of the ‘Denali Way’ is to attack pain with fresh eyes and without personal bias. The results are what drive us, and we work hard to achieve those results. To improve your quality of life with alternative treatments and pain management, come to Denali Healthcare with convenient locations spread throughout Michigan.

The ‘Denali Way’ begins with answering your questions:

  • ‘What can I expect pain management medication to do?’
  • ‘Why did I become dependent on narcotic pain medication?’
  • ‘Why can’t I talk to my doctor about an alternative solution to traditional pain medication?’

Yours are questions that deserve answers and we are here to help our patients get those answers. Reasonable expectations, understanding of how and why things happen the way they do, and a willingness to work with us are the keys to a better Quality of Life the Denali Way.

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We are here to help you find a better quality of life, the Denali Way

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“Was concerned in my health care and my health history. Addressed my questions well.”
“I’d rather have a week of wonderful than 10 years of nothing special”
“Caring and receptive. Very friendly and professional. I didn’t feel uncomfortable as typical of doctor’s appointments.”
“Great having a doctor that cares about me and is truly concerned about my well being!”
“My doctor was extremely helpful, caring, and provided excellent care. I look forward to further treatment… Thank you!”
“The doctor was very thorough and easy to communicate with. The staff was very efficient and coordinated paperwork expeditiously.”
“Very professional and fantastic Dr. Bob and Staff!”
“The staff at Dr Bobs we’re both courteous and professional. I look forward to seeing them again.”

Denali Healthcare offers a Petoskey alternative solution to traditional pain management.