Denali Healthcare is Looking for YOU!


Denali Healthcare is an expanding practice.  We need dedicated doctors to help us.  Our 8 offices located throughout N. Michigan (Down to Kalamazoo and Muskegon) provide medical care in a professional setting.  To expand to 5 day a week service we need YOU.

  • No insurance accepted, patients pay at the time of service.
  • We provide Non-Surgical, Non-Diagnostic management of Pain Medications
  • We provide Suboxone Therapy (requires a Special License- we will provide)
  • We offer professional, defensible Medical Marijuana Certifications for well qualified patients.
  • While we have internal guidelines, there is no insurance company second guessing your medical decisions.
  • Full Electronic Medical Record, Broadband Internet and Computers.
  • Office Staff, Phone Center, and extensive internet and Advertising Support.
  • Employed Position with Salary dependent on productivity and willingness to travel.
  • We are looking to make each office a full primary care practice in the future

Massage Therapy-

  • Independent Contractor Position.
  • Reasonable room rent.
  • We are glad to have you there for our patients, not because you are a source of income to us.
  • Phone Center and Extensive Advertising provide you with patients.  You can bring your own as well.

Substance Abuse Counseling-

  • Independent Contractor/Productivity Based employment options available.
  • Suboxone Therapy offered in office, we wish to do in house counseling as well.
  • Staff and Phone Center Support.
  • Electronic Medical Record/Computers Provided.

Join Our Growing Team TODAY!

Send CV to with a subject line ‘Employment with Denali Healthcare’ and your title.

989-797-4200 or 989-339-4464