What is Pain Management the Denali Way?

It is a goal oriented approach that concentrates on results, not on your choices.  We want to ease your suffering, not make you choose between two therapies that are working, each in their own way.  Dr. Bob Townsend and Dr. Sarah Starr with the assistance of their staff  of nurses, counselors, and alternative medicine healthcare providers work together to relieve suffering, to treat addiction to pain medications, and to improve your quality of life with offices throughout Michigan.

Denali Healthcare is firmly planted in the 21st Century, yet in many ways brings back the personal attention long missing from modern medicine.

  1. We have 10 offices and 7 outreach clinic to serve you in your community. Outreach clinics are extensions of a local office.
  2. All offices and outreach clinics are interconnected via our electronic medical record.
  3. Initial pain management and suboxone therapy patients are seen in one of our offices.
  4. Follow up visits and medical marijuana certifications are available at ALL offices and select outreach clinics.
  5. Patients can seamlessly be seen at any office with the same integrated medical record.
Internet at Denali Healthcare

All Offices and Clinics are Connected on a Secure Internet Server

Patients are no longer tied to a single office location.

No longer are patients tied to one office and one medical record chart room.  Continuity of care is seamless across the system and your records are fully available at any location.  Our electronic medical record allows us to concentrate on listening to the patient, rather than struggling to find their records.

We use a secured, electronic medical record to make sure our charts are accessible from all our locations.  Every office and clinic is YOUR HOME CLINIC at Denali Healthcare in Michigan.

Dr. Townsend has been a pioneer in the use of the electronic medical record, dating back to the earliest Windows based systems in the late 1990’s.  He has extensive telemedicine experience working as a physician in rural Alaska.  Each office is staffed by the physician and nurses on a regular basis and all main offices are open 5 days a week with immediate access to the physician if needed.

dr bob denali healthcare

We listen to you

Education is the Key to Healing

  1. Our first job is to find out what is bothering the patient.
  2. We discuss expectations and options to resolve the problem.
  3. We review what has not worked in the past, and why.
  4. We look at all therapies- traditional medications, alternative medications, massage, acupuncture, etc that may help.
  5. We offer you options, rather than force you to make choices.


Our Pain Management Philosophy is Balanced.

Our health care providers are experts in their field. We have been successful in returning patients to function for several reasons:

  1. We approach each patient with ‘fresh eyes’.  We want to know what you’ve been on, but may try a different approach.  We WON’T continue ineffective treatments or over medication.  If your old treatment worked, you wouldn’t be seeing us.
  2. We use combination therapy with low doses (and low side effects) of medications that work together.
  3. Our goal is a 50% reduction in pain to return function without over-medication.
  4. We use long acting medications for baseline control and short acting medication in limited numbers as needed.
  5. Our patients are educated as to reasonable expectations, the difference between scheduled and as needed medicines, and we adjust as needed.

The Expert Witness Program

Dr. Townsend was involved as an expert in medical standards in the creation of HB 4851- the bonafide doctor/patient relationship amendment to the MMMA. He has served as an expert witness in Section 8 hearings, as a court recognized expert in Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and as a medical consultant assisting attorneys in their evaluation of medical evidence. Dr. Townsend is a respected and effective witness with a reputation of standing by his patients in court.

Our network of attorneys can help with:

  • Pre-sentencing
  • Drug Testing
  • CPS and Custody Issues
  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security & Disability
  • Criminal Defense

FAQ The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marijuana – Attorney Daniel J. Hartman


Our approach to the relief of suffering and addiction include:

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