Many folks in Michigan have had their drivers licenses revoked due to issues with alcohol related offenses. To restore their license, they need an evaluation for substance abuse.

Denali Health is pleased to offer this service, both for patients self referring and in cooperation with attorneys throughout the state. Dr. Robert Townsend is an Internal Medicine Physician with specific training in addiction and substance abuse. Denali Healthcare has offices throughout the Northern Lower Peninsula, the UP and Kalamazoo.

We highly recommend you obtain the services of a qualified attorney- our program strictly deals with the evaluation and follow up of your substance abuse history- we do offer treatment for alcohol abuse, but it is a team effort with counsellors, group therapy, and medication.

The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test

The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test is a tool used to evaluate your use and abuse of alcohol. As part of your evaluation you will take this test, and the results will be documented in your packet for the state. This is a requirement of the state (See SOS Form 258 Substance Use Evaluation).

What You Will Need to Bring

1/ State issued Photo Identification

2/ A listing of your LIFETIME history of substance related convictions. Your driving record is helpful or a signed statement of your history.

3/ A listing of your LIFETIME history of substance treatment and/or group treatment of any kind (including AA type meetings) signed by you.

4/ A listing of periods of sobriety (no consumption of alcohol). AA Coins are excellent supporting evidence for this.

5/ You may be required to go to a medical facility to obtain laboratory testing to include blood work (liver and kidney function), urine testing and confirmatory testing of any positives. This will involve additional costs and is a requirement of the state.

What We Will Offer You

Obviously, we will complete the forms required by the state. This may take a total of two visits (to review lab results). We will also discuss this with your attorney if they wish (included in cost). If needed, we will testify on your behalf as an expert witness (there is an additional cost associated with that, discuss it with your attorney).

For alcohol, we use a medication called ‘Acamprosate’ which reduces your urge to drink. We’ve had good results with it. For those of you familiar with Chantix for smoking cessation, it essentially does the same thing for alcohol. You are not required to do this, but if you are ready and motivated to stop drinking, we are here to help.

We can provide referrals for counseling. We can provide you with information on AA and even in patient facilities.

Costs and to Start the Process

The cost of the evaluation is $300 and you will need to bring cash or card with you to the appointment. This is not an insurance based service. This is in addition to the cost of lab testing and medication.

Cost of follow up visits for medication/monitoring is $75 per visit (once a month). This visit may be with a physician, or a nurse working under the physician. If the nurse is seen and additional input from the physician is needed, there is no additional charge for that follow up by the doctor.

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